Relationship Sells

Tricont Key to Success 

At TFC Tricont Mortgage, our desires to make money will always take a back seat to our desire to build a sustaining life long

relationship with you our MVP (most Valuable people). We believe that such relationship must be based on trust that relies

on openness, honesty and truth to succeed.

Relationship is Key

President’s Message


My name is Aideyan Omoregbee. I moved from New York to the Carolinas in 2007. With the move, my contacts and reputation in

the mortgage industry was left In New York, I was very well regarded in my community, to mortgage consumers, my peers

and other industry leaders


Since starting as a mortgage loan officer in 1996, I have worked for only four companies before joining Tricont mortgage. For the

11 years I worked as a Loan Officer in New York, I never had to seek a job, have a complaint lodge against me, but was

constantly approached by banks and other mortgage companies in need of my service


I was very successful because I treated my customers as I would treat my mother, as my MVP (most valuable person). I won top

national awards at Bank of America and at Fidelity Mortgage where I won the national Eagle and other bank awards year after

year. When I moved to the Carolinas, I was surprised by the way banks and mortgage company’s owners and loan officers treat

their customers. I couldn’t fit in and didn’t want to


As luck would have it, I ended up here at Tricont Mortgage Tricont Mortgage lends and prides itself as a

place where good relationship, respect and treatment of the customers not only matters but really does come first. I hope I will be

able to retire here


Thank you for trusting us with your financial and mortgage needs.


Aideyan Omoregbee

Vice President & COO